UPDATED: March 30, 2022

Wage garnishment is a very unpleasant surprise that most people face as a challenge these days. In most cases, at first, we cannot realize why we were punished by the law with this restriction. Therefore here is an explanation of what it is and what are some possible reasons for wage garnishment in Georgia.

What is it

 Simply put, if you are a debtor of any kind and you have missed a few repayments or taxes, the court has the legal right of seizing your bank account, salary, possession of any assets, etc. However, people get into this situation out of nowhere as the court and the institutions are not required to inform you in advance with an announcement letter for this legal measure.

There are different types of garnishment. A full one is when you end up possessing literally nothing. A partial garnishment is a rather light restriction that restricts you from some of your money. Although, in this case, this might not be a massive disaster, it is still a very uncomfortable feeling.

Possible reasons for wage garnishment


 If you have taken any credit from the bank, you are supposed to pay the monthly repayment including banking procedures taxes. If you miss paying these for a few months, you might probably end up with the restriction of wage garnishment.

When we use the word credit, this means every single loan you have ever taken from any banking or governmental institution. It might be a loan with the purpose of a vehicle or housing purchase, as well as any loans for education. So if you have paid for your university education using money from a loan, there is a high possibility that you will be restricted with partial wage garnishment for some time to pay off the loan. 

Especially in the case of educational loans, people get surprised by the measure, as it automatically starts its repayment when you reach a certain level of income which has been stated when you have signed the loan.

Family and household

 If you were married for quite some time, and you and your ex-partner have a child, but now you are divorced, the court has most probably put child support on one of you. If you are the one who is supposed to provide child support to your kids, beware that whenever the decision is administratively ready, you are up to partial wage garnishment which is automatically taken from your bank account whenever you receive your monthly earnings.

However, a couple of documents filed to the court can manage the element of surprise and you can fix a specific date for this garnishment. 
Also, do not forget that in these days of automatization and technology, many legal governmental taxes are not announced in advance to you by a letter, and they all operate themselves via partial garnishments. 

 Garnishment is not a horror scene. Partial garnishments are only natural in Georgia. However, what you should keep in mind is that full garnishment is dangerous, and whenever you realize that you have been put under such restrictions, you shall immediately look for a lawyer who can help you get out of this situation.