UPDATED: January 02, 2023

If you’re experiencing budget constraints, you might have thought about how you can increase your income. Unfortunately, you may not have enough time and energy for a second or third job.

Now, you may have heard of get-paid-to (GPT) sites that promise to pay you for completing tasks. It sounds like a good idea because you’ll have flexibility while you earn small amounts of money.

But did you know that in 2021, almost 2.8 million people filed complaints due to fraud?

So we understand if you want to be wary of GPT sites. 

Wintub is one of those websites with many complaints, so if you want to know whether the platform is real or fake, this article’s for you.

Because we’re almost convinced that the site is fake, we tried to sign up for a dummy account to see how the website works. We also looked into other online sources and scoured the web for reviews from independent sites.

Through this article, you can know the red flags to consider before signing up and avoid falling victim to scams that will only waste your time.

What is Wintub?

According to its website, Wintub pays users for watching videos online. It’s a GPT site that promises several cashout methods, like Paypal, Bitcoin, and WebMoney.

When we visited the About Us page, there was no mention of any company behind the website. It also doesn’t show any launch date or developers. Those are already warning signs that this website should be avoided.

We discovered that Wintub isn’t legit. Here’s how it makes money:

Wintub generates traffic because of users who watch videos, and companies pay high-traffic websites to show their advertisements. However, Wintub doesn’t pay its users, so it takes all the money and leaves nothing to people who watched the videos.

How does Wintub work?

We tried signing up on the website, so you don’t have to.

We were given a $5 sign-up bonus, which is an unusual amount for GPT sites.

You can see the total views, watch balance, and account balance on the homepage.

But after registering, several pop-ups appeared, saying that our device might be at risk. We also noticed that when we clicked on the website, we were redirected to another page that required us to allow notifications, so we could continue to another site.

Here's how you were supposed to earn money on the website:

Watch videos

Wintub claims that you can earn by selecting a video on the left side, then watching it. You need to click “Complete” to collect the cash rewards.

The website offered us five videos with the corresponding payments:

  • $0.61
  • $0.32
  • $0.47
  • $0.52
  • $0.56

You only need to watch for 34 seconds to increase your balance.

After watching the first five videos, we were informed that the other offers would only be available after 24 hours.

Refer friends

Wintub will give you an affiliate link that you can share to your friends (but since it’s a fake site, don’t do it). According to Wintub, it pays $1 for every successful referral. 

How much can you earn on Wintub?

We earned $7.48 after less than five minutes of watching only five videos. But the $5 is a sign-up bonus, so we only collected $2.48 on one day. 

According to the website’s Term of Service, you can only sign up once. However, we found out that it’s possible to create another account.

So if you create five accounts on Wintub, you can make $24.8 per day, which is higher than any legit GPT site we reviewed. 

If we added referral commissions, it’s possible to earn $30 on Wintub.

How does Wintub pay you?

But here’s another warning sign of Wintub: it has an insanely high withdrawal limit. You need at least $80 to cash out.

You need to wait for 31 days before reaching this amount based on our computation.

You can cash out via PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union, and Payoneer. These are their corresponding limits:

Cashout limits
PayPal $80, $100, $150
WebMoney $80, $100, $150
Western Union $100, $150, $200
Payoneer $80, $100, $150

What are the pros and cons of Wintub?

We didn’t find any positive things about the app, but here’s a list of what we don’t like about the app:


  • High payout threshold
  • Website doesn’t pay
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Several unwanted pop-ups
  • No customer support

What do people say about Wintub?

The platform has a 1.4 rating on Trustpilot with 85 reviews. Most users said they couldn’t cash out after collecting hundreds of dollars in their account. They gave a warning not to continue using the website since it’s a scam.

Reddit users also claim that Wintub doesn’t pay and that the payment proof that some content creators show is edited.

Wintub red flags you need to be aware of

  1. It’s a spammy website with many unwanted pop-ups that possibly contain malicious software.
  2. We used an email checker to verify if there’s a server for Wintub’s support email, and we found out that it doesn’t have a valid email address.
  3. Wintub has a high payout limit, and the website wants to hold your money. But it actually doesn’t have any intention to release your income.

How to delete your account?

If you’ve already signed up, you might want to delete your account. Unfortunately, you can’t delete your account manually. The website doesn’t have any button that allows you to terminate your account.

It’s also one warning sign that Wintub is not a trusted site. Most legitimate sites will let you cancel your account. It doesn’t have a valid email address either. 

If you already registered on Wintub, we recommend changing all passwords connected to the email address you used.

What are the alternatives to Wintub?

You can try these legit GPT sites to earn real money instead of using Wintub:

  1. TimeBucks

TimeBucks offers several earning opportunities, like watching ads, completing surveys, and visiting other websites. 

You can earn almost $11 per day, depending on the availability of tasks, but at least you can withdraw your earnings once your account reaches $10.

  1. ySense

Aside from watching videos, you can have extra income by answering the daily poll and playing online games. 

You can expect to earn $10 daily when using ySense. But take note that it depends on the tasks you complete. You need to have $5.05 before withdrawing your income.

  1. Swagbucks

Users claim that they can earn up to $5 per day on Swagbucks. Also, you can redeem most rewards once you have $3 in your account, which is a lower minimum payout than most GPT sites.


Wintub is a fake website, so you’ll be wasting your time once you register and use this website. It has an extremely high withdrawal limit of $80, while you can cash out for as low as $3 on legitimate GPT sites.

You can also compromise your privacy because it has a spammy website with potentially malicious software. We recommend not using Wintub for your safety and privacy.

If you want extra income, it’s best to try other GPT websites, such as TimeBucks, ySense, and Swagbucks.