UPDATED: June 10, 2022

If you’re looking for a new source of income, you might have come across Get-Paid-To (GPT) apps. Many haven’t recovered from the economic impact of the recent pandemic yet, and it wouldn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks.

Widely known platforms like Swagbucks and InboxDollars already seem saturated. And since you want to maximize your earnings, you start looking into the lesser-known yet promising options like You-Cubez.

It boasts on its homepage that users make up to $900 by viewing ads. The straightforward, low-involvement, and lucrative tasks immediately may appeal to you, but you still have your doubts.

You might have noticed a lack of You-Cubez reviews. Even if you go to Reddit and Trustpilot, you won’t find many helpful, reliable testimonials.

However, you don’t want to waste your time exploring the site yourself. We understand the mistrust of GPT apps and why you might not feel comfortable trying out new platforms.

So, we want to help you reach an informed, objective decision. Our team scoured the net for verified testimonials, read legit independent reviews, and signed up for an account to gain first-hand insights.

You can use this piece as your ultimate guide to You-Cubez. Get a firm grasp of how You-Cubez works before deciding whether or not it suits you.

Please stick with us until the end for a realistic estimate of your earning potential. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and money!

Is You-Cubez real or fake? Let’s start our You-Cubez review!

What is You-Cubez?

You-Cubez is a Paid-to-Click app that rewards users for simple tasks. You’ll find a couple of ways to make money on You-Cubez, but most users sign up for the paid ads.

Yes, the platform says you’ll make money just by watching ads. And not just pocket change either—you’ll supposedly make up to $900 based on the promotional reviews and landing pages we saw.

We’ll flesh out the site’s earning potential later. However, we want to clarify right from the get-go that you won’t make a grand every month just from GPT and PTC apps.

The ads and aggregated surveys on the site only pay around £0.0005 to £0.020 or $0.00063 to $0.025, so manage your expectations. Also, avoid any blog or review claiming thousands of profits on You-Cubez.


You-Cubez uses the British pound sterling (GBP). However, we’ll also use the U.S. dollar in this guide since most of the reviews and testimonials we found came from America.

Company history of You-Cubez

We dislike that You-Cubez doesn’t disclose its founders’ information. Although several GPT apps have anonymous founders, most safe, legit platforms openly share their company’s history. 

Take InboxDollars and Swagbucks, for example. These two stand as the most widely trusted GPT apps on the market, and they belong to the same market research company, Prodege.

On the contrary, You-Cubez doesn’t even feature an About Us page. It only has a footnote on its website stating the domain was founded in 2007, which tells us nothing but its tenure.

The You-Cubez PTC business model

Admittedly, You-Cubez has a complicated system. Unlike other PTC and GPT apps that pay you upfront with credits or dollars, it uses a mix of GBP, points, and cubes.

We’ll talk more about them later. However, note that you can send GBP to your linked digital wallet, convert points into GBP, and use cubes to purchase ad space.

Also, You-Cubez has in-app purchases. You can sign up for an account for free, but you have to pay the following yearly fees:

Premium £2.49 £3.35
Premium + $3.14 $4.22

Once you have a free account, you can compare the differences online. However, considering the low rates and earning potential, we don’t think it’s smart to upgrade your membership.

Who should and shouldn’t use You-Cubez

You can consider signing up for a You-Cubez account if you:

  • Don’t mind loading hundreds of websites. A paid ad pays $0.00063, so expect to visit hundreds to thousands of different websites before making your first dollar.
  • Have a reliable antivirus program running. Run your most solid and trusted antivirus program before exploring the paid ads on You-Cubez. 

We dislike the rates and features of You-Cubez so far, but that’s not to say no one will find it appealing. However, skip You-Cubez and explore other GPT apps if you:

  • Already use other GPT apps. You-Cubez only aggregates its surveys and offers from other rewards clubs and platforms. You’ll get better rates by going straight to the source.
  • Dislike low rates. Viewing ads only pays $0.00063, while the aggregated surveys don’t go over $0.25 to $0.50. 
  • Are susceptible to viruses and scams. Most of the ads you’ll view will direct you to sketchy websites riddled with pop-ups and notifications. Make sure not to download or view anything suspicious. Otherwise, you might risk getting random malware and viruses.

There are dozens of other GPT apps with better rates, so don’t force yourself to like You-Cubez.

How safe is You-Cubez?

Again, You-Cubez is a generally safe and legit platform. It has its shortcomings, but you can rest assured that you’ll receive your payments promptly once you make a withdrawal.

Admittedly, its Premium and Premium+ plans sound questionable. Based on our research, you won’t get any real benefits apart from the lower cashout threshold and free cubes—which you’ll only utilize if you stay active.

Now, you might argue that the fees don’t cost more than $5. However, considering the low rates on You-Cubez, you might give up on the platform altogether before even getting an ROI. 

Overall, You-Cubez is safe. Just don’t upgrade to a Premium or Premium+ account hoping to rake in hundreds.

Making money on You-Cubez

You-Cubez generally offers four money-making opportunities, namely its:

Sponsored ads

Viewing ads is the most popular way to make money on You-Cubez. The rules are simple: you’ll get £0.0005 or $0.00063 for every website you view for at least 10 seconds.

You’ll have to input a captcha code on the first website you view daily. However, the sites and ads you view afterward will only require you to tick a box confirming you’re not a bot.

We tried this feature ourselves. Although you only have to view each ad for 10 seconds, you’ll spend a few more seconds waiting for pages to load and verify captcha buttons.

To speed up the process, we tried opening five sponsored ads at once. It took us around one minute to select the ads, load the pages, submit captcha codes, tick captcha buttons, and close the pages afterward.

Aggregated offers

You-Cubez has several offers aggregated from other websites. Hover over the Earn tab in the navigation bar, then choose from the offerwalls in the drop-down menu.

We clicked the Adscend Media Offerwall. Right off the bat, we saw about a dozen offers, including local cashback deals, promoted apps, and aggregated surveys.

However, note that the points don’t equal one GBP or USD. The site says you have to divide a point by 1,000 to get its GBP equivalent.

For instance, YourSurveys pays 180 points. Hence, completing it will give you £0.18 or $$0.23, which is far less than what YourSurveys typically pays its users.

Traffic adboard

The traffic adboard on You-Cubez caught our attention. It’s a unique feature that lets you drive traffic to your blog or website through the cubes on the adboard

Each cube represents an ad space. You can purchase a cube to promote your website to You-Cubez users exploring the adboard.

Also, you’ll have to either click on other users’ cubes or use your in-app GBP earnings to get cubes.

The idea sounds nice. However, note that it’s a self-sustaining feature.

Most people on this adboard simply click links to earn cubes, so you likely won’t get any prospects from You-Cubez. Don’t expect high-quality traffic.

Referral system

We have to admit that You-Cubez has a shady referral system. It states on its website that users earn £10 or $12.59 per successful referral, but reviews say they received cubes—which only equates to ad space.

Of course, You-Cubez could’ve updated their system recently. However, considering that most of the tasks on its platform only pay up to $0.50, we find the $12 referral fee hard to believe.

The earning potential of You-Cubez

Again, we want to reiterate that you won’t make $900 on You-Cubez. However, you can make a few bucks depending on how much time you’re willing to spend on the app.

For instance, we spent one minute viewing five $0.00063 ads for a total of $0.000315. If you repeat the same process nonstop for one hour, you’ll make $0.189, which would add up to $1.50 after eight hours of continuous ad viewing.

Let’s say you spend another two hours on the offerwall. If you exhaust the offers to accomplish five tasks and surveys paying $0.108, you’ll make an extra $0.54.

If you add these two income sources together, you’ll make around $2 for 10 hours of work. 

The rates definitely don’t justify the app, but what’s worse is you won’t even have enough sponsored ads and aggregated surveys to do. 

Overall, we think You-Cubez has terrible earning potential.

Cashing out your earnings on You-Cubez

Another issue with You-Cubez is its cashout system. Not only does it take thousands of ads to make $1, but the system also needs 14 days to process withdrawals.

Also, you’ll have to shoulder a 5% fee. If you also add the transaction fees your mobile wallet charges, you’ll quickly lose up to 10% of your already meager earnings. 

As for the minimum cashout threshold, it depends on your account. 

Free £8 or $10.07
Premium £4 or $5.04
Premium + £2 or $2.52

However, one thing we liked about You-Cubez is it offers Bitcoin cashouts. You might make a few extra bucks if you take advantage of currency fluctuations properly.

The pros and cons of You-Cubez

After exploring You-Cubez and reading legit reviews, here are the most notable advantages we found:

Pros of You-Cubez

  • Has a legit payout system just for viewing ads
  • Offers Bitcoin cashouts
  • Accommodates users worldwide

However, we also found several alarming red flags, including:

Cons of You-Cubez

  • Industry-low You-Cubez earnings
  • Steep minimum cashout threshold
  • Withdrawals take two weeks to process
  • Confusing reward system
  • 5% withdrawal fee
  • Risk of virus from ads
  • Lack of legit You-Cubez reviews and testimonials
  • Shady referral system

Unfortunately, we think that the disadvantages of You-Cubez outweigh the pros, so think twice before signing up for an account.

Signing up for an account on You-Cubez

Here’s what we did to sign up for an account on YouCubez:

Step 1: Head over to You-Cubez and hit the Sign Up Now button

Step 2: Fill in the personal information sheet. Input your name, email, password, and birthdate to complete your account.

Step 3: Confirm your email address. Please ignore the ads and promos regarding the premium account for now.

Step 4: Complete your demographic profile to unlock more earning opportunities.

Top alternatives to You-Cubez

Instead of You-Cubez, you can look into other more lucrative GPT apps like:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks stands as one of the most widely known and trusted GPT apps. It compensates users $0.50 to $5 for various tasks like answering surveys, watching ads, downloading apps, claiming cashback deals, and playing games.
  • Honeygain: If you dislike the hands-on, low-income tasks on You-Cubez, try Honeygain. It lets you share your unused data just by letting a browser extension run in the background. You can make $20 per month passively.
  • Mistplay: Try Mistplay if you like playing games. You can make $1 simply for downloading games, plus more if you progress and accomplish missions.
  • InboxDollars: InboxDollars belongs to the same market research company as Swagbucks. It also offers similar money-making opportunities that pay around $0.50 to $5 per task.

Feel free to check out GPT and PTC apps that might yield better rewards than You-Cubez.

Final verdict: Is You-Cubez worth it?

You-Cubez runs a legit platform. As it promises on its website, it rewards users for viewing sponsored ads, answering surveys, and visiting websites—all of which require little effort.

However, we can’t wholly encourage signing up for an account. Based on our experience, your earnings won’t justify the time and effort you invest into the site’s money-making tasks.

Again, viewing an ad pays $0.00063. You’ll have to watch 1,600+ 10-second ads to make $1.

No, we don’t think these rates are worth your time. Even if you answer a couple of $0.020 to $0.50 surveys in between ads, you’ll only make $2 to $3 after using the platform for 16+ hours.

Overall, there are other better GPT apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. They have higher payout rates, plus they feature more money-making opportunities.

Of course, you can sign up for You-Cubez to review the platform yourself. Just make sure to use a free account because the premium plans likely won’t give you your money’s worth.