UPDATED: May 27, 2022

Are you earning enough from your work? If not, you might be considering a second job.

According to the US Census Bureau, having more than one job has become common. Perhaps one reason is that it’s difficult to get more hours to work overtime.

We all need extra money, especially when bills start piling up.

If you’re looking for ways to earn extra money, you might have come across survey sites. We understand that it can feel overwhelming because there are a lot of survey sites to choose from.

We've read that ySense, formerly known as ClixSense, can help people make extra income. We wanted to know how it's performing now, so we tried the app ourselves and shared our experience here. We also dig into various resources to gather useful tips and tricks from long-time users.

You can discover some hacks to make the most of ySense and avoid missing out on opportunities to maximize earnings on the website. So, stick with us until the end!

What is ySense?

ySense, established in 2007, is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that rewards users for completing surveys, referring people, and shopping. It used to be ClixSense, but this change is only for branding since the app still offers the same earning opportunities.

The app is owned by Prodege, which provides consumer insights to various companies, including DoorDash, Gillette, General Mills, and Kraft. 

You might be surprised that Prodege is also the parent company of other GPT sites, Swagbucks and MyPoints. Since 2005, it has managed various survey sites to help businesses improve their products and grow sales.

It’s the reason why ySense asks you to answer questionnaires and watch videos, sign up on other sites, and try new products.

In short, ySense offers real earning opportunities. It’s not a scam since the app is owned by a reputable company that partners with leading brands.

How to earn using ySense

According to the official website, ySense is available in all parts of the world. Here’s how you can sign up using the app:

  • Download the app on your iOS or Android gadgets.
  • Provide your email and password, then click “Sign me up.”
  • Check your email for the verification link.
  • You’ll be redirected to the app to sign in and agree to the terms and conditions.

Here’s how to sign up using the website:

  • Go to ySense, then enter your email address and password.
  • Click “Join Now.”
  • Check your email for the verification link.

After that, you need to answer the pre-screening questionnaire. Tap “I agree to be honest.”

Here are some of the questions we were asked:

  • What is your gender? What is your age?
  • When were you born? What is your relationship status?
  • Do you work in any of the following industries? What is your role?
  • Are you the person who makes the most of the daily purchasing decisions?
  • What languages do you speak?
  • How often have you shopped online for the past 30 days?

1. Complete surveys

After completing the profile questionnaire, ySense gave us 20 new surveys. We find it convenient that the ySense app allows us to filter them according to popularity, time, and payout.

When we tried the app, the rate ranged from $0.14 to $0.91, with time ranging from three to 15 minutes. What’s surprising is that the payout doesn’t depend on the length of the survey.

However, you still need to qualify for your chosen survey.

If ySense selects you as one of the participants, the website will show the topic and length of the questionnaire.

2. Answer the daily poll

We also tried using the website and found that it has more features than the app. For example, it offers a daily poll, which isn’t in the mobile app.

We received $0.01 by taking the one-minute survey.

Here’s how to access the daily poll:

  • Go to the website, then click Surveys on the top menu.
  • Select “Daily Poll” to answer the short questionnaire.

3. Answer profile questionnaire

The website also includes the survey profile questionnaire, which is different from the pre-screening survey.

Here’s how to earn $0.02 for every 10 questions:

  • Go to the website, then click Surveys on the top menu.
  • Scroll down until you see “Your Survey Profile.”
  • Answer the questions to earn more and match with more surveys.

Some of the questions:

  • Which of the following devices do you use to play games?
  • Why do you travel by plane?
  • When you fly, which types of flights do you take?
  • Do you drive a car regularly? In which year did you buy your main vehicle
  • Are you the primary decision-maker in your household for automotive-related purchases?

You can refresh the page to check if ySense credited your account. We noticed that we received the $0.02 reward instantly.

4. Participate in daily survey routers

You can also access the survey routers without any limit. ySense allows you to try the routers multiple times per day. This way, you can find one you’re eligible for.

We think this option is great when you’re not qualifying for any opinion poll on the main Surveys page.

  • Go to the website, then click Surveys on the top menu.
  • Scroll down until you see “Daily Survey Routers.”
  • Tap the available option to be redirected to another page.
  • Answer the questions, so ySense can match you with a survey.

5. Play online games

ySense rewards you $0.24 to $30 by playing games. $30 might sound too good to be true, but you can earn that much money when installing the app and reaching a certain level within 30 days of installation.

You can follow these steps to turn your hobby into a side job:

  • Go to the website, then click “Cash Offers.”
  • Select games on the next page.
  • ySense will redirect you to another page where you can receive a link to download the app. Choose from text, email, or QR code.

According to the website, you’ll receive the rewards after 72 hours. Each game also requires a certain level before your account can be credited.

Some apps are also available on iOS and Android, while others are only downloadable on either iOS or Android.

Take note of the specific instructions to avoid wasting your time playing online games.

6. Download apps

You can also earn $0.10 to $3 for downloading apps. Some are available on both Android and iOS, while others are only accessible in only one of them.

Like the online games’ requirement, ySense will send you a download link for the app. Also, some apps require a purchase, so take note of the instructions. It’s better to choose the app that doesn’t demand a subscription.

The rewards are also available within 72 hours, so monitor your account’s wallet.

Here’s how to make money by installing apps:

  • Go to the website, then click “Cash Offers.”
  • Select apps on the next page.
  • Choose how you want to receive the download link: text, email, or QR code.

7. Refer friends

Like other GPT sites, ySense also has an affiliate program. You can earn up to a 30% commission on what your referrals make. 

Here’s how to have a passive income through referrals:

  • Go to the website, then click “Referrals.”
  • Copy your referral link from the next page.
  • You can also share it on Twitter or send it by email.

According to the website, there are two ways you can earn through the program.

  • The website offers sign-up commissions. You can have a $0.30 bonus when someone uses your link to register at ySense. The website also gives an extra $2 when your referrals make their first $5.
  • You earn a 20% commission for every survey that your referral completes. For example, if the opinion poll is worth $0.91, ySense will credit your account with $0.182.

To see how much you make with the Affiliate Program, select “Affiliates” on the top menu, then select “My Stats.”

8. Complete daily checklist

You can access the checklist on the lower left of your dashboard. ySense rewards up to 16% of your balance. For example, if you have $10, your new account balance will be $11.6.

Here are the requirements to receive the bonus:

  • Answering two surveys
  • Accepting two offers

The website also provides bonuses for:

  • Installing browser extensions
  • Completing the three-day streak

9. Access offers from partner websites

Aside from ySense tasks, you can also access offers from other sites.

You can get free samples, gift certificates, and cash incentives when you qualify for their surveys.

Here’s how to see other offers:

  • Go to the website, then click “Offers.”
  • Select from ySense partner websites.
  • ySense will redirect you to another page, where you can choose from several offers.
  • Click the product or service, then tap “Take Offer.”

Each website has different rewards, allowing you to choose from various incentives.

ySense partners include:

  • Wannads
  • RevU
  • OfferToro
  • ayeT Studios
  • AdGate
  • Peanut Labs

How much can you earn?

This is only an estimate of how much you can make on ySense. The rate of survey and other offers still depend on the availability.

Daily poll$0.01 per day
Profile questionnaire$0.2 if you answered ten questionnaires
Online games$0.24 to $30
Download apps$0.10 to 3
Referralup to 30% commission
Daily checklist16% daily bonus
Other offersUp to $100 gift card and free samples
Expected daily income$10.86

Our computation doesn’t include the daily bonus, commission, gift cards, and free products, so it’s possible to earn more than $10.86.

How to get paid on ySense

ySense offers different payment methods for US customers:

  • PayPal starting from $10
  • Skrill starting from $5.05
  • Payoneer starting from $52

You can withdraw your income when it reaches $5.05, and you can only receive it via Skrill. If you wish to save your earnings, you can wait until you have $10 in your account. This way, you can withdraw via PayPal. 

But if you immediately need your money, you can make a free account on Skrill.

Other countries have additional payment methods:

  • Amazon gift cards starting from $5
  • Steam gift cards starting from $10

Here’s how to withdraw your earnings:

  1. Go to the website, then click “Cashout” on the top menu.
  2. Choose from the available payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill.
  3. Select the amount, tap “Get Rewarded,” then follow the specific instructions from ySense.

According to the website, cashout requests from new accounts may be delayed up to 15 business days. ySense has put up this measure to prevent fraudulent transactions.

ySense tips and tricks

We compiled pro tips that will help you earn more.

  1. Be honest in answering surveys

According to ySense, it suspends other users’ accounts because they have clearly inconsistent answers. 

The best way to avoid the termination of your account is by honestly responding to each question. Random answers will never increase your chances of being qualified for an opinion poll.

  1. Avoid selecting “Prefer not to say”

ySense asks questions to match you with surveys, and it will be difficult for them to do this if you won’t give valuable feedback.

Choosing “prefer not to say or disclose” will not help in strengthening your profile. It’s better to select other options, so ySense will give you more surveys.

  1. Answer verifications

ySense reminds users to be mindful of verification questions. The website uses verification to filter out bots.

For example, ySense will ask you to select a particular option from a list. You need to follow the instructions to be recognized as an actual respondent by the website.  

  1. Complete high-paying or short surveys

You can choose between high-paying or short questionnaires to maximize your income. This way, you can collect $5 in your account as soon as possible.

ySense pros and cons

Here’s what we like and dislike about ySense. You can use this table of pros and cons to help decide if ySense is for you.

Legit earning opportunitiesMinimum withdrawal limit
Various ways to make moneyLimited features on the app
Lots of surveysUsers may be rejected on surveys
Gift cards and free samplesRedeeming gift cards may take longer

What do people say about ySense?

ySense has a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot with 1,034 reviewers. Users say that they like the variety of surveys to ease boredom when answering one.

Also, according to Reddit users, ySense is a legit site. Several reviewers even post proof of payment, claiming that they have a lifetime earning of over $70. They also emphasized that the website provides convenient payment methods, and the app is easy to use.

However, based on our experience, the app offers limited opportunities. It doesn’t contain options, such as online games and daily surveys. We also discovered that the app only has a 3.2 rating on Google Play.

The bad reviews include not getting their rewards and difficulty withdrawing their earnings. How do you solve these problems?

You can reach out to the ySense customer service representative by visiting the Submit a request page. The website also features a chatbot located in the lower left of your screen.

Does ySense protect your information?

Yes, ySense employs security measures to safeguard your data, such as encryption and control centers. But after a careful reading of its Privacy Policy, we discovered that the website might share your information with third-party companies.

It can access your gender, marital status, education, ethnicity, postcode, and other personal details. ySense will use your information to aid market researchers and businesses.

So if you don’t mind sharing your data with other companies, you can try ySense.

ySense Alternatives

Other GPT sites you might want to try to increase your income:

1. Swagbucks

Prodege owns both Swagbucks and ySense, but they still have differences.

Swagbucks allows you to watch videos and search the net in exchange for money, but these tasks are not available in ySense.

However, it has a higher withdrawal limit of $10 than ySense’s $5 minimum cashout. You can also earn $0.4 to $2 per survey on Swagbucks, which is higher than ySense.

2. SurveyTime

SurveyTime focuses on opinion polls, compared to ySense, which offers other tasks.

You can earn $0.50 to $1 per questionnaire on SurveyTime. This payout is close to ySense rates.

If you want to withdraw your earnings immediately, SurveyTime’s the right option for you. But if you wish to save your rewards, you can try ySense.

Check out our SurveyTime review here.

3. TimeBucks

TimeBucks offers more tasks than ySense, like watching videos, clicking ads, and searching e-commerce sites.

You can earn $0.005 to $1 per survey on TimeBucks, the same rate as ySense. But TimeBucks has a $10 minimum payout, so you need to answer more questionnaires before withdrawing your balance.

You can also check our TimeBucks review here.

4. PrizeRebel

Both PrizeRebel and ySense offer varying tasks, like answering surveys and completing daily challenges. However, it has a $10 minimum withdrawal limit, higher than ySense required payout.

PrizeRebel pays $0.25 to $1 per survey, which is almost the same as ySense rates. So based on the cashout limit, ySense is better between the two.

Is ySense Worth Your Time?

ySense provides real earning opportunities, then it’s worth trying. You can make money on surveys, referrals, and microtasks, as long as you don’t mind sharing your information.

It also has different payment methods and cashout limits to help you decide if you want to withdraw funds immediately or save your earnings.

Indeed, the website and app can help you receive extra cash without working overtime on your primary job.