You’d be surprised how much money the government hands out to people to help them with their specific needs. As a starting point, check out our guide on how to get free money through grants and assistance programs.

Programs for Single Moms

Being a mother isn’t easy, and that’s probably an understatement. When you’re a single mom, that’s an added challenge.

1. Help with the rent 

If you’re struggling to pay for rent, you can apply for plenty of schemes from the government and non-government agencies

Their programs are designed to keep single moms and other low-income families from getting homeless.

2. Help with getting a car

There are also government agencies and NGOs that help single moms get a free car or buy an affordable one. 

The purpose of these grants is to help low-income families become more sufficient by providing them with reliable transportation.

Help for young mothers

Young mothers can also get help. For example, you can get a free breast pump if you and your child are enrolled in Medicaid. Even if you’re not eligible, we offer some alternatives in that guide. As your child grows older, you may need to offer them baby formula, which is quite expensive. Thankfully, baby formula is essential for the nutrition of an infant, so it’s an eligible food item under the SNAP program. Other baby foods are also eligible.