UPDATED: December 28, 2023

Vietnam itself as a country speaks of luxury with its various tourist attractions and activities as well as its breathtaking and vibrant cities. An individual looking for comfort can certainly choose Vietnam with no fear as it has amenities that make modern life easy while still retaining some traditional lifestyle, especially through the cuisine. When it comes to housing in Vietnam, there is something for everyone; anyone looking for a modest and inexpensive apartment can get one while those with a taste for more elegant things will also find houses to their content.

Luxurious residences in Vietnam include high-end apartments that come tastefully furnished, these apartments often have many facilities in the building they belong to just for the convenience of the residents. Another luxury home in Vietnam is the townhouses, however if you're looking for the most elegant home you can get in Vietnam complete with needed amenities then you should consider looking at villas in Vietnam for sale.

Benefits of buying a villa

You may be wondering if you stand to gain anything by buying a villa instead of a simple apartment. Aside from the obvious sophistication and luxury that comes with owning a villa, other benefits of owning an elegant house are:

Privacy: A villa guarantees complete privacy, unlike an apartment that often has numerous units on the same floor. Since it is an independent home, you have space for work, relaxing or even studying in a serene environment without worrying if your neighbours are going to be a bother.

Good Neighbourhood: Most villas are located in a safe and quiet neighbourhood. Thus, you get to be part of a community while still retaining your independence. There is often tight security in the villa community ensuring a reduced crime rate.

Good investment: Buying a villa is a good investment no matter what you intend to use it for. It tends to have good rental returns due to its many available facilities, if you intend to resell the property after a few years, the property has a very high chance of increasing in value which means that you'll be making more than what you originally bought it with. You also have the opportunity to furnish your home to your taste, you can make as many modifications as you'd like which may not be possible in an apartment unit.

Amenities: Villas are not only sophisticated in terms of their size and architecture but also the amenities available to owners. These amenities are part of what makes a villa so desirable, there are often supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, spas, parks and even schools nearby meaning you don't have to journey miles before reaching any needed facilities.

Family and pet-friendly: The sheer size and space available to villa owners make it easy for anyone with a family and even pets to live comfortably. A lot of villas have up to three additional bedrooms aside from the master bedroom making it perfect for a family and the free land or garden around gives your furry friends enough space to run around.

Landscape: This is especially beneficial to lovers of nature. A lot of villas are surrounded by gardens and greenery which can be a sight of sore eyes to those who love the idea of living amidst nature. There are also beautiful views and natural recreational spaces giving an added benefit to these homeowners.

Types of villas in Vietnam

Currently, in Vietnam, any foreigner can buy a house with just a tourist visa, this means that you do not need any special documents or contributions to the country before you can get the house of your dreams. You do, however, need to gather as much information as possible so that you do not make a purchase that you'd end up regretting. According to Vietnam-Real.Estate, the following are the categories of villas for sale in Vietnam:

  • Garden Villa: This kind of property is usually found in quiet areas or city outskirts. It is typically built on a large plot of land and situated in the middle of landscaped gardens.
  • Adjoining Villa: This kind is more common in urban areas, it often consists of 2 to 4 stories and they have two walls attached to neighbouring villas and the other two; open sides.
  • Detached Villa: This is a very sophisticated villa that is surrounded by natural greenery. It is also built in the centre of a large plot of land.
  • Villa townhouses: This type of villa lacks the kind of greenery others have but still has its private areas. It is compact but comfortable and also has all the amenities owners may need.

Most villas have features like a small lobby, living rooms, dining area, kitchen area, master bedroom as well as additional bedrooms. The location of a villa may be in a community that has all infrastructure like supermarkets, spas, gyms, restaurants and other needed facilities for a comfortable living. The most important thing however is to make a selection based on your preferences as well as necessity.

Make your dreams of being a luxurious homeowner come true

Buying a villa in Vietnam can come as a result of life changes like moving to the country to work as an expat. It may be because of wanting to tie down your extra cash in a profitable investment or even because the house caught your eye as a tourist and you'd like a reason to come back to Vietnam occasionally for a good time. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a home in the country may be, the good news is that the real estate market is always open to you as a foreigner. Purchasing your dream home in a beautiful country is easier than you'd think as you can choose from a wide selection of completed projects or invest in a development project at any time you want.