UPDATED: October 13, 2022

As a college student, you probably have limited earning opportunities. Apart from the fact that most professional jobs require a college degree, you may not be able to work a full-time job while attending classes.

However, you really need to make extra money. For this reason, you started looking into Get-Paid-To (GPT) apps like Zap Surveys. 

You might have even heard about it from your friends before. It pays users to answer simple market research questions, which you can finish in 10 to 30 minutes.

The features and payout system appeal to you. Yet you find yourself on the fence about the app because you can’t tell if its earning potential is worth the effort.

Don’t worry—we can give you more information. Our team hears good things about Zap Surveys, but we can’t also ignore the negative feedback and alarming complaints.

You might have also seen these mixed Zap Surveys reviews. To avoid confusion, we took the liberty of fact-checking these claims and comparing them versus official sources, independent review platforms, and our team’s experience.

You can use our insights to reach an informed, objective decision about Zap Surveys. We don’t want you to create an account without at least understanding the app’s payout rates and survey-taking system.

Stick with us until the end so you won’t miss out on a solid GPT app that would’ve helped you make a few extra bucks per month.

Let’s start our Zap Surveys review!

What is Zap Surveys?

Zap Surveys is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that offers multiple earning opportunities through paid surveys, cashback, and sponsored games. You can download it on both iOS and Android devices.

The app only launched around five years ago, but according to its website, it has paid more than $50 million worth of rewards. It also has a relatively high 4.4 rating on both the App Store and the Play Store.

Apart from the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, you can also access Zap Surveys from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • Switzerland

Company History

Zap Surveys is relatively new to the market. After all, its parent company, Apps that Pay, LLC, was only founded by Jason Schubert in 2014.

The company initially provided information about side hustles and passive income streams. As its client base grew, it started partnering with retailers and merchants open to providing cashback in exchange for marketing services.

However, the company achieved a new milestone when it launched Zap Surveys in 2017. This GPT app primarily focuses on paid surveys, although it also offers other earning opportunities through cashback and mobile games.

How Zap Surveys Works

Upon signing up for an account, Zap Surveys automatically gave us a $3 bonus survey. Think of it as an incentive to sign up and complete your demographic profile.

The questions are relatively easy and take seconds to finish. However, Zap Surveys won’t let you proceed to the home screen unless you complete the bonus survey.

Also, read the questions properly. The bonus survey contains a few trick questions designed to keep out bots.

Once you reach your dashboard, you’ll see the survey section. We didn’t see any survey opportunities at first, but we’re able to start working after one day.

Just remember to download the app through Zap Surveys. You won’t get anything if you go straight to the App Store or Play Store.

As for the app’s features for cashback, receipt scanning, and paid games, you’ll have to download the app. Just scan the QR code on your dashboard.

Also, you might have a shot at qualifying for more paid surveys inside the app. In fact, we received several paid location surveys.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Use Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys best suits users who:

  • Have a full-time day job. We found that users who already have multiple income streams get the most out of GPT apps like Zap Surveys. Again, these apps don’t pay much. Spending your entire day answering surveys isn’t the best way to spend your workday.
  • Can manage their income expectations. Zap Surveys has good payout rates, but you can’t expect GPT apps to pay a full-time job’s salary. Your earnings will only cover incidental expenses.
  • Live in supported countries. Zap Surveys is available in 19 different countries. Although you can bypass geo-restrictions by using a VPN, avoid programs that charge monthly fees. Otherwise, your earnings will go straight to them.
  • Have a smartphone. You’ll need a reliable, updated smartphone to maximize the Zap Surveys app.

You might want to consider other gig apps first if you:

  • Need a full-time job. No one can make a full-time job out of answering surveys and playing games on GPT apps. For more lucrative opportunities, try gig apps like DoorDash or Uber.
  • Have no other sources of income. We strongly encourage creating multiple income streams so that you won’t rely on your Zap Surveys earnings.
  • Hate surveys. Most of your earnings will come from paid surveys, so expect to answer dozens of questions daily.

Earning Potential

Your earnings on Zap surveys will heavily depend on the following factors:

  • App Usage Frequency: Strive to use Zap Surveys daily. It sends more survey notifications and better-paying opportunities to loyal users. You’ll also have a better chance at snagging cashback promos.
  • Cashback: Always use Zap Surveys cashback when shopping. Cutting 10% to 20% off your grocery expenses could add hundreds to your monthly savings. However, don’t buy something just for the cashback.
  • Surveys Accomplished: Most survey opportunities on Zap Surveys fill up after just one or two hours. As such, respond to your notifications promptly.
  • Apps Downloaded: Although using sponsored apps pays less than a dollar, you can download and install multiple games in a day with very little effort. Also, you’ll get a bonus if you achieve certain in-game milestones.

What Makes Zap Surveys Legit

Considering the legit payouts, good reviews, and multiple cashout options available, we can honestly say that Zap Surveys is a legitimate platform.

You won’t make much. However, your earnings could cover incidental expenses like parking tickets, a week’s worth of groceries, or a nice night out.

Of course, Zap Surveys isn’t without fault. Although over 150,000 users on the App Store and the Play Store gave the app a 4.4 rating, it generated a few negative reviews on Trustpilot.

Most disgruntled users are complaining about the unfair account restrictions. According to them, Zap Surveys unfairly flagged their accounts out of the blue, thus clearing all their unclaimed earnings.

Unfortunately, we can’t verify all of these negative reviews.

Just note that Zap Surveys flags accounts violating their terms and agreements, so it’s not impossible to get banned and lose money.

How Much Do Users Make on Zap Surveys?

To give you an idea of how much you can earn, we look at various user reviews. If you use the app daily to answer surveys, claim cashback, and download games, you can make $30 to $50 per month.

How to Cash Out Zap Surveys Earnings?

You can cash out your earnings once you reach $25. Send your funds via PayPal or convert them into gift cards from widely known retailers like Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, or Audible.

Your withdrawal should reflect in one to two business days. If it doesn’t, you can reach Zap Surveys via its toll-free number: (833) 681-0436. Don’t worry—it has a responsive customer support team.

Note: Zap Surveys doesn’t charge withdrawal fees. However, you’ll have to shoulder whatever PayPal charges for fund transfers, withdrawals, and currency conversions.

What Are the Different Ways to Make Money on Zap Surveys?

Unlike other survey sites, Zap Surveys offers multiple money-making opportunities, including:

Paid Surveys

The bulk of your earnings will come from paid surveys. They fill up fast, so make sure you respond to notifications within one to two hours from receiving them.

Also, note that lengthier surveys pay more. A 5-minute survey pays about $0.25, but you could make up to $2 on a 40-minute survey.

Shopping Cashback

Zap Surveys offers exclusive cashback to 50+ partner retailers. Visit the offers pages before shopping, or you might miss out on some great deals online.

You’ll mostly find 5% to 10% discounts or bundle promos. The platform offers larger discounts now and then, but you need to claim them quickly.

Receipt Scanning

Scan your grocery and shopping receipts. Zap Surveys provides cashback depending on where you shopped, although it might not support some stores.

Your earnings will depend on the number of scannable items allowed per store transaction. However, you can expect to get a $0.07 cashback on up to six items per store in most cases.

Playing Mobile Games

You can earn a few dollars for downloading and playing some of the sponsored games on Zap Surveys. Just make sure to download the game through the app.

You can make about $0.10 for downloading sponsored apps, although some might yield cash rewards for in-game achievements.

Daily Login Bonuses

You get a $0.75 bonus simply for logging into Zap Surveys for 45 days straight.

Daily Contests

Watch out for the contests and trivia on the Zap Surveys homepage. They only pay about $0.05, but they usually take a few seconds to complete.

Referral Program Commissions

Zap Surveys gives you a $0.45 commission for every successful referral. 

Signing Up for Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys has a relatively straightforward sign-up process, which you can finish in under three minutes.

Step 1: Visit Zap Surveys and enter your preferred login credentials.

Step 2: Answer your first bonus survey to complete your demographic profile. 

Step 3: Collect your $3 bonus.

Step 4: Explore Zap Surveys

Pros and Cons of Zap Surveys

Do you still have some reservations about signing up for Zap Surveys? To help you reach an informed, objective decision, we made a brief list of the platform’s advantages and disadvantages.

Fast sign-up processSurveys fill up fast
Multiple earning opportunities$25 minimum withdrawal
Several cashout optionsGeo-restrictions
1 to 2 business days withdrawalBanned accounts lose their earnings
Responsive customer service teamNot as many survey opportunities

Alternatives to Zap Surveys 

If you want to supplement your Zap Surveys earnings, look into these GPT and gig apps:

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks serves as the inspiration for Zap Surveys. It also offers several money-making opportunities, like answering surveys and playing games. You’ll average $3 to $5 per month if you utilize its features.
  • DoorDash: Zap Surveys users who need a full-time income should opt for gig apps like DoorDash instead. You can average $25 per hour delivering food.
  • Survey Junkie: Try Survey Junkie if you want higher payout rates per survey you take. You can make up $5 per hour if you consistently qualify for multiple average-paying surveys.
  • Mistplay: Mistplay offers a broader game library. You can make around $50 per month by playing various mobile and PC games for at least two to three hours a day.
  • Honeygain: For a more passive income stream, try Honeygain. Just leave the app running in the background as it shares your unused internet data and bandwidth. You can make $20 per month passively if you share your data from three different devices for six hours a day.

Verdict: Is Zap Surveys Worth It?

Overall, Zap Surveys is a legitimate GPT app. It offers several paid surveys daily, decent payout rates, and legitimate cashouts. You’ll definitely make at least a few bucks.

However, whether or not you should create an account depends on your financial needs and goals. Just manage your expectations right from the get-go.

Your earnings from paid surveys can cover incidental expenses. For instance, based on Zap Surveys reviews, you should make at least enough for one or two weeks’ worth of groceries if you use the app daily.

However, users who need enough money to pay for tuition should look for a part-time job that pays an hourly wage. Or maybe look into better-paying gig apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

If you still have doubts, try Zap Surveys yourself. You can sign up for free, and most surveys only take a few minutes to answer, so you’ll learn a lot from one whole day of using the app.