UPDATED: October 27, 2022

Statista reported in 2021 that young people played 2.5 games weekly. Now that's a lot of time spent playing mobile games. Wouldn't it be great to get paid while playing?

In this article, we’re going to talk about JustPlay, which promises to do just that.

If you've never heard of JustPlay (it's quite new), you might be skeptical. We were too. So we tried it ourselves to see if it was a legit way to earn extra money. We also looked into what other users are saying about the app, to get the full story.

Key takeaways from our review:

  • JustPlay offers a low payout threshold of just $2 and pays out quickly.
  • Our main gripe is that you never know how much you're earning with JustPlay. Coin values are inconsistent. Sometimes 350k coins are worth $0.90, where as 900k coins could be worth $0.20.
  • Many of the games on JustPlay are full of ads, which is very annoying.
  • You might be better off with MistPlay, which has very few ads and many users getting $10 gift cards soon after joining.
  • Here's a full list of platforms that pay you to download apps and play games.

Is JustPlay Legit?

Yes, JustPlay is a legit way to earn money when you play games. It also pays out and some users reported making $2 per day, as you’ll discover in the next sections. You will get monetary rewards when you earn coins and you will be able to to cash out your earnings in the time they promise through gift cards, Google Pay and PayPal vouchers.

How does the JustPlay app work?

The JustPlay app pays you for playing on your Android device. It’s developed by JustPlay GmbH, a group of advertisers and gaming veterans located in Berlin, Germany.

JustPlay makes money by publishing games from different developers. It also displays ads in the game to earn from purchases. 

There’s no official list of countries where it’s available, so you need to check Google Play if it’s accessible to you. Fortunately, it’s offered in the U.S.

How to earn using JustPlay?

To get started, you have to install the JustPlay app. We were able to access the app despite not registering. JustPlay is unlike other GPT sites because you only need to install it, and after that, you can already use the app.

Unfortunately, JustPlay doesn't offer a sign up bonus, unlike some of the apps we've listed here.

However, you can earn money in many ways on JustPlay like playing games and watching videos.

Play games

You can earn money by playing games, including:

  • Solitaire
  • Treasure Master
  • Ball Bounce
  • Cookie Jelly Match
  • Mad Smash
  • Mix Blox

According to the app, you can earn more by playing different games. For example, you can get more money by installing Solitaire and Treasure Master instead of playing Treasure Master the whole day.

You need to download the games, so the JustPlay app is only for people who don’t mind installing a bunch of apps on their mobile gadgets.

You can earn 10,000 coins for playing the games mentioned above, except Mix Blox. Mix Blox offers the highest points, but the app doesn’t disclose the exact number of coins you can get.

The app also has a daily goal of 40,000 coins, so you can earn bonuses. However, there’s no JustPlay app’s point-to-cash conversion rate available.

Take note that the daily goal increases every time you reach the recommended coins. So at first, we had a 40,000 goal, which grew to 52,000.

Watch videos

You can also get coins for watching videos, but you need to wait for two minutes before clicking another video. But we discovered that they were actually game ads and not YouTube videos, as shown on the app.

Here’s how you can earn through videos:

  1. Scroll down to see “Earn coins for completing offers.”
  2. Click “Watch video.”

Our account was instantly credited 10,000 points after watching two ads. However, we noticed that JustPlay only offered 2,000 coins for the next video.

How much can you earn on JustPlay?

Other users reported that they could make up to $7 per day, but we think that a realistic estimate would be $1 to $2.

There’s no way to find out JustPlay app coin value, so we had to wait until it’s cashout time.

It’s also different for actual users since some of them got $4 from 10,000 coins, and others received only $1 from 100,000 coins.

We tried searching for a JustPlay payout calculator to find out how much JustPlay coins are worth, but we haven’t found one due to the inconsistent coin-to-cash conversion.

Sometimes, each coin corresponds to $0.0004, but it can go as low as $0.00001 per coin for some users.

How does JustPlay pay you?

You can claim your rewards via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and Google Play vouchers. We found out that you need to have at least $2 in your account to withdraw through PayPal.

Unlike other GPT apps, JustPlay app has a designated time for cashouts. You need to wait every three hours before redeeming rewards.

Since there’s no JustPlay payout chart, you can finally discover how much money you can get during the app’s designated time.

Here’s how to access JustPlay app cash out page:

  1. Click “Cashout” on the homepage.
  2. Choose how you want to redeem your coins.

Just Play App tips and tricks

The app includes games with arbitrary points, so we compiled the best JustPlay app hacks to help you earn more.

In order to earn money faster with JustPlay, you’ll need to take advantage of some tips and tricks that the app provides for you. If you're sticking to one game when using JustPlay and skipping ads, you won't be able to cash out anytime soon. Here are the best tips and tricks to make money faster on JustPlay.

Install different games

Actual users reported they got more cash by downloading three or more games than playing only one game. You can try each game for 10 minutes to maximize your earning opportunities.

Complete more game levels

You can also receive more coins the more levels you complete. Some games give away more coins every time you win. For example, you can earn bonuses when you win against an opponent in Solitaire.

Avoid skipping the ads

Some users reported that JustPlay didn’t credit their accounts with coins despite watching the ads. That’s because they skip on the ads or close the app while the ads are running. 

JustPlay may recognize this act as cheating, so we recommend finishing the ads before closing the app.

Reach the daily goal

We found out that you can earn more cash if you reach the daily coin goal. It increases as you get a certain number of coins.

JustPlay user reviews and complaints

JustPlay has a 4.3 rating on Google Play with over 171,000 reviews, and the JustPlay app has been downloaded more than 1 million times, so it’s a well-known app among people who want extra income.

According to most users, JustPlay is a reliable app that allows them to earn up to $7 a day during their spare time. It also provides a consistent income since there are always games to play and ads to watch.

However, some of them experienced technical issues in withdrawing their funds. They reported that they couldn’t click the “Cashout” button even during the designated time. 

It’s also difficult to predict your payout since there’s no official coin-to-cash conversion table.

JustPlay pros and cons

We discovered the following advantages and disadvantages while using the app:


  • No sign up required
  • Legit way to have consistent extra income
  • Fun games to play
  • Cashout every 3 hours
  • Pays via PayPal and gift cards


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • No clear coin-to-cash conversion ratio
  • Several ads in the app and game
  • Inconvenient cashout process
  • Need to install the games

JustPlay app is not a scam since it offers real earning opportunities, but it doesn’t have a transparent system. All users have trouble predicting their income because there’s no payout chart.

What are the alternatives to JustPlay?

You can try the following apps if you like the idea of playing games in exchange for money.

1. MistPlay

MistPlay is only available on Android, similar to JustPlay app. Users have reported earning up to $50 using the app! Of course, the more you put into it, the more you earn.

One catch is that MistPlay is that only allows you to redeem gift cards, unlike the JustPlay app, which pays you out in cash.

2. Money Turn

Money Turn beats both MistPlay and JustPlay with a unique advantage:

They pay you interest on any money that you keep on the app!

This is a nifty way to earn passive income on the app and a welcome way to earn even more money than normal. Some users have also reported that they earn more with Money Turn than MistPlay.

3. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play is another solid option, with users praising it for it's huge variety of ways in which you can earn.

It often pays out without a hitch and users rate its customer service as top notch.

Our only minor gripe is that you need to spend in-game currency in other apps in order to earn lots of points. That said, spending money is not required, it'll just get you there faster.

4. Coin Pop

Coin Pop is available on Android only, and you can earn up to $5 by using the app. Unlike JustPlay, Coin Pop allows you to redeem cash and gift cards. You can receive your cash reward through PayPal.

One advantage of Coin Pop is that it has a clear coin-to-cash conversion table. You need to collect 5,000 points to get $0.50.

Coin Pop hasn't got great reviews from users lately, but there was a time that it was a great GPT app.

So which app pays out the most money?

You'll probably earn the most with Money Turn thanks to the interest they pay. However, if you want cold hard cash instead of gift cards, we recommend using Coin Pop to withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

Is the JustPlay app worth it?

It’s worth trying if you don’t mind installing several games on your mobile gadgets. However, it has an arbitrary point system, so it’s difficult to predict your income. You can follow the tips we compiled to earn more cash.

Despite its drawbacks, the JustPlay app offers a legitimate way for you to have extra income. May you have fun playing games if you decide to download this app!