UPDATED: November 02, 2022

Are you looking for a side hustle? Since consumer goods are getting more expensive, we’re all looking for ways to supplement our income.

Perhaps you’ve heard about SocialRebel, and you want to know if this website will allow you to earn extra cash. It claims that you can get $50 upon signing up. But what’s the catch?

We think that's too good to be true, so we dig deeper. It’s important to check this website, especially since the Federal Trade Commission stated they received 2.8 million fraud reports in 2021. 

We tried to sign up and see how it works. We also examined official sources and gathered information from independent sites.

We found several red flags about this website, so don’t skip this article. It will also prevent you from wasting your time on side gigs that won’t pay.

In a rush? Here are other 3 apps that are not scams:

  • Inbox Dollars: pays you $5 just to sign up. It has many earning opportunities to choose from: joining research studies, playing games and reading emails. Some users have earned $30 in their first 24 hours on the app.
  • Money Turn: a unique opportunity that 1) pays you to play games 2) let's you invest your rewards to earn more rewards. Has many great reviews from users on the Play Store.
  • MobileXpression: the most passive way to earn money from your phone. Just keep the app installed on your phone and surf the web! It will collect research data automatically and pay you for it.

What is SocialRebel, and What Can You Get From It?

SocialRebel presents itself as a get-paid-to (GPT) site that allows users to earn money by answering surveys, installing apps, and referring people to the platform.

It was founded by Ralph R. Lawson and Chad Evans in 2018. According to the website, the two founders aim to improve brands’ and consumers’ connections. They make money by providing businesses with marketing insights based on respondents’ answers to the survey.

Surprisingly, the SocialRebel payment proof page shows people receiving over $4,000. However, several independent sites and users claim that the website is a scam.

This article will show you why it’s fake and why you should avoid it.

Does SocialRebel Pay?

SocialRebel doesn’t pay. Although its website has a dedicated payment proof and testimonials page, hundreds of reviewers from Trustpilot, Reddit, and independent sites say otherwise.

It has mostly one-star reviews on Trustpilot, where people state that the platform looks legit, but it’s a scam. Interestingly, the Trustpilot page says that SocialRebel has been closed. But we can actually visit the site.

SocialRebel changed its website from socialrebel.co to socialrebel.app. It may be another tactic, so people will have a new perspective regarding the company.

Like other people, we also searched “Is SocialRebel legit Reddit” to investigate the platform. The result is the same since Reddit users also claim that the company doesn’t pay, even after they did numerous tasks.

How to Earn Using SocialRebel

Users can create an account on the SocialRebel website. You need to enter your full name, username, email, and password.

We tried to register and after signing up, the website showed that we have $50 in our account. Looks like a sweet deal, but it’s a red flag since we haven’t even done anything yet.

How does SocialRebel work?

According to SocialRebel, you can make money in four ways: answering surveys, installing apps, posting on social media, and referring people.

Complete surveys

Here’s how people can allegedly earn by answering opinion polls:

  1. Go to the Offer Center, located on the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the Surveys section.
  3. Select from the available surveys.
  4. SocialRebel will redirect you to another page that contains the specific instructions.
  5. Tap “Start Offer and Earn” to answer the questionnaire.

When we tried the website, SocialRebel only asked three questions before offering us a $500 eBay gift card. But this is just the first step to claiming your reward.

Here’s the list of preliminary questions:

  • Do you shop at eBay?
  • How often do you shop per week?
  • What will you do with your gift card, keep it or give it to a friend?

After that, you need to provide your name, shipping address, mobile number, birth date, and gender.

You’ll be redirected to the actual survey, and after finishing it, you need to complete several deals to finally get the $500 gift card.

Here’s how much will be credited to your account, depending on the deals you accomplish:

Deals required to claim rewardReward value

It seems that SocialRebel keeps on adding tasks so that users would not claim their reward.

Test apps

SocialRebel claims that you can earn up to $120 by installing apps. We tried to access it using the website, but it says that this offer is only available when you log in from a mobile gadget.

Some of the apps you can install and their corresponding value:

Coin Master$120
Words with Friends 2$120
Blackout Bingo$120
Harvest Land$120

Here’s how to earn from testing apps:

  1. Go to the Offer Center, located on the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the Apps section.
  3. Select from the available apps.
  4. SocialRebel will redirect you to another page which contains the specific instructions.
  5. Tap “Start Offer and Earn” to download the app.

According to SocialRebel, your money will be credited to your account after 15 to 20 minutes. However, sometimes it can take up to 12 hours.

Of all the GPT sites we reviewed, it’s only SocialRebel that gives away over $100 for a single task. It’s already suspicious that a website will give this much money.

Post on social media

The website also claims that you can make money by posting on the following social media sites:

Social mediaReward

You can click “Social Pay” on the sidebar to access this offer, copy the caption, then submit the post link.

Refer friends

According to the website, you can also make up to $20 plus a 25% commission fee for every person you refer to the website.

SocialRebel also says that you can earn up to $2 per click on your post.

You can click Home to see your referral link on the website’s right side.

How to cash out on SocialRebel

You can only cash out after completing:

  • 15 clicks
  • Six offers
  • Five invites
  • $220 commission

SocialRebel also requires you to choose a payment method among the following:

  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Mailed Check

The website will require you to enter your payment details.

However, since SocialRebel is a scam, actual users gave warnings that you should never share your account details with the company. This way, you can be protected against hackers and malicious emails.

SocialRebel Pros and Cons

The website still has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

Free signing upDoesn’t pay
No monetary investment requiredWaste of time
Might compromise your data

What are the warning signs against SocialRebel?

Here’s a compilation of the website’s red flags and why you should avoid it.

  1. It deleted the previous socialrebel.co to introduce socialrebel.app without explanation from the website. SocialRebel doesn’t even mention that it operated before as socialrebel.co.
  2. It has unrealistic money claims that are too good to be true. For example, one payment proof shows that a user received over $4,000 from SocialRebel.
  3. SocialRebel offers a $50 sign-up bonus, which is unusual for a GPT site.
  4. People who have used the website claim they cannot withdraw their money. Only the website can show proof of payment.

SocialRebel Alternatives

Here are legit GPT sites you can try to actually earn money:

1. TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a legit website that pays people to answer surveys and do other tasks. It’s possible to earn more than $10 using this site, so it’s a better option than SocialRebel, a scam platform.

You need to collect at least $10 before you can withdraw your earnings on TimeBucks.

2. SurveyTime

SurveyTime focuses on questionnaires and not on other tasks. It’s a legit GPT site that allows you to earn up to $4 per hour, depending on surveys’ availability.

Unlike TimeBucks, SurveyTime allows instant cash out after you complete a survey.

3. ySense

ySense is similar to TimeBucks because it also offers other tasks, such as playing online games and downloading apps. You can earn almost $10 daily, depending on the availability of assignments.

It has a $5.05 minimum payout, which is lower than TimeBucks. So if you want to cash out earlier, you can try TimeBucks.


SocialRebel has several warning signs from independent sites and actual users. The website is the only place where we can find proof of payment. Also, it has unrealistic claims about potential income for members.

The website is a scam, and it’s best to avoid it, so you can prevent compromising your information. Besides, there are other legit GPT sites that you can try, like TimeBucks, SurveyTime, and ySense.