by Aidan Kang, CFA
Senior Writer
UPDATED: September 21, 2021

Starting a business requires financial resources. If you lack money for your capital, a business loan is an option to push through with your start-up. Banks and lending companies offer this type of loan. They vary in their requirements, but their loan process typically includes submitting an application for a business loan, providing the documents they need, and assessing your application. Then, if you get approved, they will offer you the contract containing the amount you are approved for, the fees involved, and the repayments. Besides starting your business, there are other ways on how you can use a business loan. 

Pay for recurring expenses

You need to continuously pay several expenses in your business, such as the lease, utility bills, and employees' wages. You may also experience a shortage of funds on slow days, including off-peak season. While it's wise to save for the rainy days, if you find yourself in a situation where you need more cash for your daily operation, a business loan can be of help. 

Buy new equipment

Your old equipment may be beyond repair, or you need a new one to speed up or make your operation more efficient. These machines can be expensive, and if you lack the money to buy them, a loan may be the answer to your concern. You can also consider a small business line of credit. This type of loan will give you the fund you require up to a certain amount. After paying the loan, you can request credits again for whatever business purpose it may be.  

Expand the business

If you are looking to expand your business, you will need money for that. It could be adding a new branch or growing your business operation. You can apply for a loan for this purpose instead of waiting for your business to generate enough money to pay for the expansion. You might lose necessary time, especially if your company is in its momentum, and you know that it's the perfect opportunity for growth. 

Get more stocks

Another way to use a business loan is to buy your inventories. There comes a time when sales may be low, so you may not have enough funds to purchase the needed stocks. Borrowing some money can help you get through this. It’s also possible that you may find great deals that let you buy in bulk, and you may need extra money to afford that. A loan can get you those stocks so that you can enjoy the discount. 

Fix or upgrade the workplace

Your office may need repairs or some upgrade. However, if it is costly and doesn’t fall under your budget, you may resort to getting a loan. It will pay for the repair or upgrade, which will be a massive help for the convenience and efficiency of your business operation. 

Pay high-interest loans

If you have loans from different companies, and their interests are high, you may apply for a loan to pay for those loans. That’s as long as the new lender offers lower interests.

Although you can get a business loan, be sure that you only apply for it if necessary. Also, be a responsible borrower, and ensure that you pay on time to build a good credit history.