UPDATED: October 13, 2022

Are your shoes already worn off? Do you want new shoes and, at the same time, save money?

Good news: you can actually get free shoes from legitimate brands!

We've researched to gather the brands or places that give free shoes. We've verified information with their official sites and read dozens of reviews from people who have received a free pair.

You can try new shoes before they hit the market or score free shoes from organizations or companies that reward their customers. Avoid missing opportunities to get free shoes when you skip this article.

8 Ways to Get Free Shoes

Let’s find out how you can enjoy free sneakers from different places and brands.

1. Join online product testing

First on the list is by qualifying as a product tester for shoe companies. Usually, these brands will require you to return the shoes, but still, you can wear them for up to 6 months.


You can try free Nike shoes by registering at the Voice of Athlete website, which is the official page for the brand’s testing program.

Check out these general guidelines for signing up.

  1. Select your age group.
  2. Provide personal details, including location, birth date, full name, email, and chosen product.
  3. Answer questions related to body measurements and lifestyle.

If Nike approves your application, the brand will send you kicks they want customers to assess, including free Jordans shoes.


You can also try Adidas shoes by visiting its product testing page. It generally has the same process as other brands’ testing programs.

  1. Choose the kind of product you want to assess.
  2. Provide footwear size details.
  3. Select category interests, including but not limited to running, soccer/football, and golf.
  4. Input personal details, such as full name, email, home address, height, and birthdate.

After that, you can wait for further instructions from Adidas. Then, if you’re picked for the program, the company will send you free sneakers that you’ll test for up to one month.


Puma is another sports company that offers a product testing program. You can register by visiting the Digital Product Testing Platform.

You also need to provide details so the brand can decide if there’s an available product that suits your lifestyle. After qualifying, you’ll receive the shoes and test for up to 6 months.

New Balance

New Balance manufactures quality women’s and men’s shoes that you can use without spending any amount.

You only need to apply as a product tester by signing up on the brand’s website. New Balance will ask for your personal information, lifestyle, and size details.

The brand will send you prototype shoes that you can wear for free, but you need to return them on the specified date.


Did you know that you can try Columbia’s footwear for free, generally suited for outdoor adventures?

It might take 10 minutes to complete the application process. Columbia has a dedicated page for its Global Performance Testing, where you can apply to be a tester.

First, you’ll be asked which types of products you want to assess. After that, you need to input personal information like birthdate, current physical activities, size details, and address.

Once you qualify, the brand will send free shoes that you can use from two weeks to two months. Like other brands, Columbia will request that you return the product.


Reebok has the same application process for its product testing program. You can visit its website to fill out questionnaires. 

Once you’re chosen as one of the testers, you can expect to receive the latest shoes from Reebok. You’ll be required to record your experience with the sneakers.

After one month, the sports company will request you to return the product.

Under Armour

You can use never-before-seen Under Armour shoes by visiting its Field Testing page. It has a portal where you can edit details about sizes and physical activities.

The brand prioritizes the application of individuals who engage in sports, such as baseball, field hockey, hiking, running, soccer/football, tennis, and volleyball.

If Under Armour chooses you as a product tester, you’ll receive a message on the portal. That’s why it’s important to update information about your lifestyle.

2. Use apps

There’s no free shoes app, but you can get gift certificates using get-paid-to sites, which you can use to purchase sneakers.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie lets you answer surveys in exchange for cash or gift certificates.

First, you need to register on the Survey Junkie website. You’ll be asked to build up your profile, which will be used in matching you with a questionnaire.

You’ll need $10 or 1,000 points to cash out through PayPal, direct bank transfer, or gift certificates from Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other brands.


You can register at PrizeRebel using your Facebook account or email address. 

After that, you need to provide details like birthdate, education level, employment status, gender, ethnicity, mobile phone type, and annual household income. This information will help the website to give surveys related to your demographic.

Like Survey Junkie, you need 1,000 points to redeem $10 PayPal money. The website also shows the available gift cards for the raffle. You can have one entry for 10 points.


Swagbucks is another site that lets you complete tasks, search the web, and answer questionnaires for money. 

You can score gift cards from Amazon and Walmart that you can use to buy shoes. Swagbucks also allows you to withdraw through PayPal.

To enjoy these goodies, you need to sign up on Swagbucks’ website. On the homepage, you’ll see the available surveys that you can take to earn at least 100 Swagbucks. 

Once you’ve earned 100 points, which is equivalent to $1, you can already get gift certifications.

Indeed, you need more points to buy your newest sneakers.


As its name suggests, you can get gift cards by completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web.

You need to register at InstaGC’s website by providing your username, password, and email address. 

For every 1,000 points, the site will give you $10, which you can use to redeem gift certificates or withdraw cash.

3. Check free classified sections

You can also be updated on free shoes by visiting the websites below.

Hey, It’s Free!

You need a different email address in signing up at Hey It’s Free, so your work email will not be mixed with newsletters from other brands.

You can visit its website to know the latest shoe offers from different companies. Click the search icon, then type “shoes” or other related keywords.

Next, select from the results, then follow the instructions listed on that page.


FreeFlys also has a straightforward website where you’ll only click the “Free Stuff” tab to see if there are shoe giveaways.

You can also search for free sneakers. Simply type “shoes” or related keywords, then navigate the page to choose from the results.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the sites that offer free items.

Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder offers compilations of free stuff, deals, and coupons, so you don’t have to search one website at a time.

You only need to visit the website, then click the “Free Stuff” tab. You can also choose between “Deals” and “Coupons” tabs to enjoy discounted products from Amazon, Kohl’s, and other companies.

Another way is by searching for free shoes. The results are arranged from latest to oldest, so you can be assured that you’re up-to-date regarding shoe giveaways.

Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times is another website that allows you to search for brands that give shoes. You can also check coupons and hot deals from CVS, Target, and other stores.

You can visit the website, then click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner. Type shoes, and choose from the results.

4. Register at KURU Footwear

KURU Footwear is a Utah-based company specializing in comfortable shoes for men and women. It offers sneakers for work, outdoor adventures, and casual events.

Every Friday, Kuru Footwear randomly selects five people who will get $120 worth of KURU cash. You can use that credit to order from the brand. Also, it doesn’t expire, and you can win again after 365 days.

Upon signing up, you already have 500 KURU cash, which you can add to your $120 reward if you win. 

KURU shoe prices range from $125 to $185 for closed ones and $15 to $122 for sandals.

Here’s how you can score free shoes from KURU.

  • Go to the KURU website, then click the “Free Shoes” tab from the menu.
  • Provide your email address on the Free Shoe Friday page, then tap “Sign Up.” Another page will automatically open, informing you that you’ve subscribed to the company’s email list.
  • Go back to the Free Shoe Friday page, then tap “Create an Account.”
  • Type your full name, email, and password.

Now, you need to check your email every Friday to see if you’re one of the winners.

5. Become a social media influencer

It’s not news that brands want to collaborate with social media influencers. It’s expected that 67.9% of US companies will use influencers for advertising their products and services.

As an influencer, you can get free items from different companies. However, it takes hard work to become one. Here’s how you can become a social media influencer.

  • Since you want to have free sneakers, you might want to venture into the fashion and lifestyle niche. 
  • You also need to choose your platform. Most successful influencers use Instagram and YouTube to connect with their target audience. You can also use Facebook to share your recent posts.
  • Post authentic content that will differentiate you from others. It’s also helpful to compile suggestions from people interested in your selected niche.
  • Maintain consistency of your posts, videos, and pictures. This way, you’ll leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Once you already have a dedicated follower base, you can reach out to brands looking for influencers.

Some shoe companies to check out:

The brands mentioned above manufacture basketball shoes, boots, heels, and other footwear that will suit your lifestyle.

6. Low-income families or persons

If you have low income, you can find organizations that provide shoe assistance.


Soles4Souls collects used sneakers and repurposes them for low-income individuals who need shoes.

You can follow the guide below to request footwear from this organization.

  1. Visit Soles4Souls website, then scroll to the bottom.
  2. Under the “Share the love” category, tap “request shoes.”
  3. Type your first name, last name, email address, phone number, address, and zip code.
  4. You can also leave a message regarding your immediate need for shoes.

After submitting the form, Soles4Souls will send you an email regarding your request.

Shoes That Fit

Shoes That Fit provides free footwear to more than 100,000 kids annually. It started in Claremont, California, but now, the non-profit organization helps children across the US.

Here’s how you can contact the organization.

  1. Go to Shoes That Fit website.
  2. Click the envelope icon, then type your full name, email, and message.

After sending your message, you can now wait for Shoes That Fit’s response.

Shoes For School

Shoes For School aims to combat bullying experienced by kids who have no means to buy new footwear.

You can check out the steps below to apply for a kid’s shoe voucher.

  1. Visit Shoes For School website, then click “Apply For a Shoe Voucher.”
  2. Follow the instructions regarding academic and income requirements.
  3. Tax deductions on work shoes

7. Tax deductions on work shoes

Your work shoes are under the itemized deduction that you can choose when claiming work expenses. You’ll be asked to present sufficient proof, including receipts, so it’s best to keep such documents.

But how can you know if it’s tax-deductible?

Work shoes are only tax-deductible in some situations. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA requires employees who work in some industries to wear protective footwear. As a result, you need to buy specific shoes.

Another requirement to itemize your work shoes is when they can’t be for personal use. It must not be an item you can wear when going for a casual walk or attending any event. It should be purely for work.

This way, you can get reimbursement for the total price of that product. To file for itemized deductions, you need to complete the Schedule A of Form 1040.

8. Nurses and health care workers

Health care workers' lives are often at risk, especially during this global health crisis due to COVID-19. So, to provide a little help, some brands provided free shoes to them.


Crocs’ Free Pair for Healthcare program has already donated over 910,000 pairs since 2020.

Here’s how you can get free Crocs if you’re a healthcare worker.

  1. Go to the “Free Pair for Healthcare” page, where you can answer the form.
  2. Since you’re making an individual request, select your role, organization, work email address, organization’s city, and state.
  3. You also need to provide your size by clicking the appropriate box.
  4. Type your email address, full name, address, zip code, and phone number on the last part of the questionnaire.
  5. Tap “Submit Request,” then wait for Crocs’ update on your application. 


Allbirds is another company that directly donates shoes to healthcare workers in response to the pandemic.

You can get Allbirds’ Wool Runners for comfortable footwear that you can use all day. The brand has already given away 50,000 pairs of shoes to healthcare professionals.

Here’s how you can take advantage of this promo.

  1. Send an email to [email protected] to inform the brand of your interest in getting Wool Runners for healthcare workers.
  2. Wait for the brand’s update regarding your request.

You can also follow the company’s Twitter account to be updated on giveaways. Finally, should you want to inquire about the availability of Wool Runners, you can also call 1-888-963-8944.

Why Do Companies Give Free Shoes?

Companies give away free shoes in exchange for your feedback. They will use such information to improve their products. 

It’s also cost-effective to examine their footwear without paying the testers but only allowing them to try the shoes.

Since you’ve already tested the shoes, pointed out their imperfections, and highlighted your favorite features, the brands will know how to market the products. Your valuable feedback also allows them to attract superior athletes for sponsorships.

On the other hand, non-profit organizations donate shoes to fulfill their mission—to help low-income families. 

They give footwear not to earn money but to provide happiness to children, teens, and adults. Organizations also promote sustainability by repurposing used items.

Are There Any Restrictions on Getting Free Shoes?

Brands’ product testing programs have eligibility criteria. Generally, they require that applicants are US residents, 18 years old and above, have internet access, and have a valid email address. 

You must also be comfortable in providing personal information and size details. Some companies also prefer if you’re not participating in other brands’ testing programs.

When it comes to giveaways, brands limit one pair of shoes per person. For example, KURU Footwear only allows you to win one time for 365 days. So after winning, you need to wait for another year to join again.

Also, Crocs and Allbirds give shoes only to healthcare workers. So if you’re working in another field, you won’t be eligible for free Wool Runners.

But if you’re using apps to get free sneakers, you need to answer as many surveys as you can. You must also watch numerous videos to have more cashback.

Get Free Shoes to Save Money

You can get free shoes by joining product testing programs of Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Columbia, Reebok, and Under Armour. You can also use get-paid-to apps like Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel, Swagbucks, and InstaGC. 

Some free classified sections that you can check are Hey It’s Free, FreeFlys, Free Stuff Finder, and Free Stuff Times.

If you want to join giveaways, you can register at KURU Footwear. But if you’re interested in creating content, then you can try becoming a social media influencer.

Another way to save on footwear expenses is by filing an itemized tax deduction for your work shoes.

If you’re a healthcare worker, you can request free footwear at Crocs and Allbirds. You can also score free sneakers from non-profit organizations!

There are a lot of ways to get free shoes, especially if you know where to find them.